Adventure Education

A custom-crafted experience integrating fun, learning, and adventure.

How does it work?

We offer three types of Adventure Education programming. Choose from science-based Learning Adventures, Team-building Adventures, or In-Class Adventures. For a more customized learning experience please contact us. We can design a mix of programming to meet your individual goals, objectives, and available time.

Science & Nature


There are no glass cases or “Do Not Touch” sign between campers and nature. Students interact with 1,000 acres of nature in our beautiful ozark valley. We jump into the middle of it for a truly memorable, educational, and exciting experience!

Our team of adventure guides will lead your students through highly engaging, hands-on, science based learning adventures. The hallmark of each learning adventure is an intentional application leading to a deeper understanding of themselves and their classmates.



Every classroom has it’s challenges. Kids aren’t getting along. The class is struggling with communication. Students just can’t seem to work together.

As expert team building facilitators, we are uniquely positioned to help you address these classroom issues through our vast set of recources. Students will learn and practice real-world skills like problem solving, teamwork, conflict resolution, and leadership.

Your Classroom


Half-Day: $425  |  Full-Day: $850

Looking for a way to inject some adventure into your classroom? Our new in-school programming is the perfect way to reinforce your lessons from the classroom with engaging, hands-on science programming led by our expert Adventure Guides! We bring the adventure to you with engaging and hands-on science programming!

*The maximum number of students we can teach in a full or half day depends on your chosen lessons. We will work with you to design a schedule that maximizes your time & resources!

** Discounts are available to first time schools and schools that come for residential programs


Let the Adventures begin!


Reserve A Date

Contact Jared McDaniel (, our Adventure Education Coordinator, and let us know when you want to come and how many students you will bring. We offer a wide variety of options for length of stay, anywhere from 1 day/1 meal to 1/week/15 meals.


Set Your Curriculum

Whether you have specific ideas for the types of learning adventures or team building activities you want to do, or you aren’t sure but you know you want to bring your students out to the Ranch, we want to help you build a camp that will accomplish the goals you have for your class.


Recruit Parents and Teachers

We ask for one (1) adult for every ten (10) students in the cabin.


Request A Reservation