Watch our 2022 Year In Review

Watch our 2022 Year In Review

Are we the right summer camp for your family?

Posted: February 28, 2022

Summer is rapidly approaching (despite what your thermostat might be telling you), and it is time to start looking for camps for your kids! From sports, to science, to church, there are lots of options for summer camp to choose from. We here at New Life Ranch think of ourselves as a pretty stellar option, but we also recognize that we may not be the right fit for you or you camper. Here are some things to consider when trying to decide if we are a good fit:

1: You want faith-based programming.

The number 1 thing to know about us is that we are a biblically-based camp, and we take that very serious. While we have lots and lots of fun stuff for campers to do, they will also spend a good amount of time learning about Jesus! Each morning they have Table for 2, a quiet time where they study the Bible and answer some questions relevant to their life. In the afternoons they have "Word", a time with their cabin and counselors where they go over a lesson based on the theme verse for the summer. Finally, each night they have chapel, where a guest speaker delievers a message based on the summer theme. Campers then break away for "Talk Back" where they discuss with their cabin the message from that night. While campers will walk away with tons of fun memories, they will more importantly leave camp with a much better understanding of God's love for them and how they can live a life for Jesus! 

2: You want your kid to spend time outdoors.

We love God's creation, and we want kids to get outside and experience it! Except for meals and chapel, almost all of our activities are outside. We think this is even more important now that we are living in a digital world. Kids need to turn off their screens, get outside, and enjoy what God has created for us!

3: You aren't concerned with athletic training.

While we have lots of fun physical activities, we are definitely not a sports camp. If you are looking for more specialized training and athletics based programming, we probably aren't a good fit.

4: We aren't the cheapest camp...but we also aren't the most expensive.

Our summer camp runs between $745-$815 for a one week overnight session. For comparison, you can attend Shepherd's Fold Ranch (they are a little bit smaller in size than us) for $630 per week, or Kanakuk (they're quite a bit larger than us) for $1400 per week. 

We should also mention, however, that thanks to our generous donors, we have a fantastic scholarship program. We never want finances to get in the way of any kid getting to come experience Jesus as camp!

Are we a good fit?

We sure hope so!

You can register for camp today by heading over to the Summer Camp page on our website!