Colcord Launch Center

A Ministry of New Life Ranch

___ Our Purpose

Responding to the needs of our neighbors by developing and launching healthy young adults to reach others in need.

Responding to the

Needs of our Neighbors

For many years, our outreach to the local community consisted primarily of bringing kids to New Life Ranch for programs like Right Lead and Right Quest. While this was successful to a degree, what we began to realize was that the need to bring kids out to our property was creating a barrier to being able to really invest in their lives and community. The relationships we were building with these kids and their families was great, but limited by the distance.

In September of 2017, we purchased 4 acres of property in Colcord, next to the high school. We renovated the house that was already on the land into an office, and moved in a double-wide trailer to serve as a program space with a computer center, art room, and tutoring area.

The Colcord Launch Center creates a place for us to be able to easily and effectively minister to the kids and families in the community.

Partnering with

Colcord Public Schools

Along with now having a physical presence in the community, we have also collaborated with Colcord Public schools to help design and partner in after-school programs. This allows us to impact the lives of more students and be more engaged with the community.

Ministries of

Colcord Launch Center

Hornets of Character

Hornets of Character is our after-school program for preK-6th grade students at Colcord Elementary School. Students rotate through a program focused on education and character development every day after school from 3-5:30pm. This program will prepare students to make real life changes by filling the educational gaps that exist, developing the character qualities needed to make these changes, and exposing them to the gospel of Christ.

The CLC team partners with Colcord Public Schools to facilitate the program. We provide two staff members to lead activities each day, allowing our staff to spend over 10 hours per week investing in these students. We are serving alongside teachers, pastors, and other members of the Colcord community.

Get Involved!

We are in need of people to tutor students in a variety of subjects, as well as help teach and facilitate classes. If you are interested in getting involved with Hornets of Character, please email our CLC Coordinator, Chase Payne.

Email Chase

Clubs of Character

Clubs of Character is an after-school program offered to middle school students (6th-8th grade) and high school students (9th-12th grade). Each club meets once per week at various locations around the school property, the NLR Colcord Launch Center, and NLR Flint Valley. The program provides students with a variety of clubs to choose from, such as Math, Science, Small Engine Repair, Newspaper, and Guitar (to name a few). This allows students a chance to pursue what they are interested in. The small size of each club enables students to receive specific instruction and individual attention. These clubs enable students to learn and grow by offering new experiences, developing life skills, fostering a sense of community within each club, and exposing them to the gospel of Christ.

Our CLC team has partnered with Colcord Public Schools to help facilitate this program. We are providing staff members and volunteers to lead and assist with specific clubs. We are also sharing the resources of the CLC & NLR Flint Valley by providing supplies and space for clubs to meet.

Get Involved!

We are in need of people to tutor students in a variety of subjects, as well as help teach and help facilitate clubs. If you are interested in getting involved with Clubs of Character, please email our CLC Coordinator, Chase Payne.

Email Chase

Launch Groups

Launch Groups are discipleship groups offered to students in 7th-12th grade. These meet from 6:00pm-8:00pm on Monday evenings and Wednesday from 3:30-5:30 at the Colcord Launch Center. Launch Groups consist of students who have demonstrated a desire to grow in their relationship with Christ. Our discipleship groups are intentional and focused Bible studies that foster Biblical community. Each week students will eat dinner together, complete an activity or initiative, and work through questions about a specific topic. Students are also given the opportunity to go on service and learning trips across the United States to build stronger relationships and gain a deeper understanding of faith. This program teaches students how to study and apply scripture to their lives, provides them with opportunities for skill development, cultivates a heart for service, and helps students to grow as Christlike leaders.

Get Involved!

We are in need of people to host and facilitate growth groups during the fall and spring school semesters. If you are interested in getting involved with a Launch Group, please email our CLC Coordinator, Chase Payne.

Email Chase

Right Quest

Right Quest is a one-on-one mentoring program offered to students in 3rd-12th grade. Classes meet from 6:00pm-8:00pm on Tuesday or Thursday evening. Right Quest meets at the Colcord Launch Center or NLR Flint Valley, depending on the activity. Each class has between 30 and 40 student and mentor pairs.

Right Quest is activity-driven, and consists of both large group activities and paired activities between students and mentors. This serves as a bridge to building relationships as students and mentors experience the activities together. This program provides students with support and encouragement as a caring adult walks through life alongside them. It allows them to feel safe and comfortable enough to be open about their experiences. Through their mentors, students gain a deeper understanding of what it means to live for Christ.

Get Involved!

Each semester, we need around 80 mentors to pair with students. For more information about mentoring, please see the “Colcord Launch Center Mentoring” page.

CLC Mentoring