Read about our response to Covid-19

Read about our response to Covid-19

Guide to Retreats

Everything you need to know about your retreat!

  • You will be checking in and doing the prescreening in front of the Wagon Inn cabins. We will then direct you to the cabin where you can drop off your luggage.
  • We will be doing check-in in the parking lot. We want families to stay in the cars, so upon arrival, you will be instructed where to park. Here is what to expect during check-in:
    • Health pre-screen/check-in sheet given
    • Medicine drop off- Please send medications in the original container labeled in a large bag for transport. No supplements or vitamins will be accepted without a doctor's note.
    • Camper/Luggage drop off-  You can get out and hug your campers goodbye, meet the counselors staying with them, and encourage them to have a GREAT time at NLR!  


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