July 23rd Update in Regards to Covid-19

July 23rd Update in Regards to Covid-19

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Frequently Asked Questions

Covid-19 has drastically altered the way we are doing many things this summer. We are slowly but surely working through the details of camp this summer, and we ask for your patience as we define the process. As we have answers we will post them here, so check back often!


    You can read more about our plans for this summer here.

    - At home pre-screening before kids ever get to camp
    - A new release form will need to be signed
    - Enhanced screening during check-in 
    - Limiting access to cabins and other camp facilities during check-in to non-campers
    - No drop off of care packages for campers
    - Enhanced cleaning of cabins and general spaces during a week of camp
    - More washing and sanitizing of hands when entering cabins and general spaces around camp

    Our staff will be trained on recognizing and monitoring for symptoms of Covid-19 and other communicable diseases, things such as coughing, shortness of breath, etc. They will also be trained on increased cleaning and disinfecting measures for both their cabins and general camp spaces and equipment. Finally, they will be training on increased hygiene for themselves and campers (hand sanitizer before and after each activity, washing hands before eating, daily showers, properly covering sneezes or coughs, avoiding touching their faces, etc.)

    Yes! You will be required to complete an at home pre-screening and temperature checks before campers get to camp. We will be taking camper temperatures daily and we need your help in getting them used to the process before they arrive at camp. Also, you will need to sign a new release form for your camper.

    In our efforts to provide as safe an environment as possible for our campers and staff during Horse Camps, we also want to ensure their contact with other groups at NLR is limited. 

    • Each group on site will be their own “Cohort”. Since we have retreat guests that will be on site, each group has their own cabin facility and meeting area. Our staff will ensure that the Horse Camp schedule keeps campers from interacting with guests from other groups. 
    • Campers and staff will be washing and sanitizing their hands often - entering and leaving any building, before and after any activity, before and after meals, etc.
    • During our meals times  we will stagger serving times and space out defined seating areas so that each group “cohort” is physically separated from the others.
    Our medical team recognizes these conditions (moderate to severe asthma, diabetes, chronic lung disease, serious heart conditions, severe obesity, immunocompromised, currently taking an immunosuppressive medication, or have a serious underlying medical condition) are widely considered higher risk for COVID-19 and COVID-19-related complications and therefore recommends that these campers NOT attend camp this year.
    If you are still wanting to send a camper with any of these Risk Factors to camp, our medical team is requiring a signed letter from your physician stating that your camper "does not have an increased risk for COVID-19 or COVID-19-related complications."
    If you fail to provide a letter from your physician for your high risk camper your could be turned away from camp at check in.  

    Each morning campers and staff will receive a temperature check and asked about any new symptoms. Campers and staff will also be educated on early communication if they start feeling sick. If a camper starts to feel ill, they will immediately report to the medical lodge. Based on their symptoms, our medical professionals will determine if the camper needs to be isolated or not. Our goal will be to remove campers or staff with Covid-19 symptoms from camp as soon as possible, rather than to isolate them for long periods of time. We will not perform or take campers to testing due to turn-around time for results. Parents will be notified if there was a confirmed COVID-19 case at camp, and the CDC will be involved in contact tracing.

    Our counselors will be a part of the cabin cleaning each day, and will use CDC approved disinfectant during the cleaning process. Counselors will receive training on how to properly clean and will be held accountable each day. Cabins will be cleaned twice a day with CDC approved cleaner. The dining hall will be completely disinfected after each meal. We are installing new handwashing stations outside of the dining hall. Kids will be required to shower daily.

    The CDC has recommended that camps treat cabins as "families" throughout the program and work to limit exposure to a defined group of people. Since Horse Camps are limited to a max of 20 campers they will be operating as their own “cohort” based on ACA guidelines. They will only interact within their cohort.


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