News: New Life Ranch acquires new site in central Arkansas

News: New Life Ranch acquires new site in central Arkansas

Campaign Overview

From the early days of New Life Ranch, Flint Creek and the waterfront have been the central recreational and activity centers for the camp. That remains true today, 63 years later. It is the primary hub of activity year round for swimming, canoeing, fishing and one of the most endearing, distinguishing features for the ministry. We see the importance of the waterfront running much deeper than fun and sentimental attachment, it’s mission critical. It is important to what we do at New Life Ranch and a cornerstone of the New Life Ranch - Flint Valley experience.

With all that in mind, due to recurring floods, encroaching gravel deposits and recurring damage to the infrastructure used to control the water level in the swim and recreation areas, the waterfront is at severe risk. We have received permission and guidance from the Grand River Dam Authority to repair the dam and adjoining spillway.

The Restore Campaign will allow us to make much needed repairs to the dam to ensure that the waterfront at Flint Valley remains a beautiful and functional part of our ministry!



Financial Overview

Dam Design.....$90,000 (Funded)
Future Project Design (Frontier Cove Ballfield & Offices).....$50,000


Project Total.....$990,000