Responding to the needs of our neighbors by developing & launching healthy young adults to reach others in need.


Right Quest

Kids from the community in 3rd-12th grade are paired with a mentor. They will grow closer in their relationship to their mentor and Christ through a new outdoor adventure activity each week.

Our mentoring program is relationship-focused and activity-driven. It consists of both large group activities and paired activities between students and mentors. This serves as a bridge to building relationships as students and mentors experience the activities together. We pair one student with one mentor for the semester and create an atmosphere that allows their relationship to grow. Each week, we provide mentors with a discussion guide that helps them share Christ with their student. This program provides students with support and encouragement as a caring adult walks through life alongside them. It allows them to feel safe and comfortable enough to be open about their experiences. Through their mentors, students gain a deeper understanding of what it means to live for Christ.


  1. Make a one semester commitment.
  2. (A semester runs for 10 weeks in the Fall and 10 weeks in the Spring,)
  3. Fill out an application, including consent for a background cheek.
  4. Attend a mentor training session.
  5. Drive participants to and from class (if possible).

Reference Form

We are looking for individuals who have a strong Christian faith, enthusiasm, initiative, & a love for working with youth ages of 8-17. Because of the importance of the work & task of accepting the right students, we would appreciate your candid opinion of the applicant. All information submitted will be kept confidential.



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