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Watch our 2022 Year In Review

7 Questions to Consider When Choosing a Summer Camp

Posted: February 21, 2022

As the school year is winding down, you may start thinking about sending your kids to summer camp. Here are some important questions to consider as you are choosing a summer camp.

1 - What are you wanting your camper to get out of their camp experience?

This is one of the most important questions to ask yourself as you begin your search. Are you wanting them to make new friends? Branch out and become more confident? Grow spiritually? Spend more time in nature? Train for athletics? Most camps have a specific focus, so you will want to figure out what type of experience you want for your camper as you begin to narrow down your search. 

2 - How much does it cost to send my child to summer camp?

Price is probably the number one factor you are considering when it comes to camp. In our area (OK, MO, KS, AR), overnight summer camps generally run anywhere from $600-$1400 per week. It’s also important to see if the camp offers any scholarships. Some camps do offer financial assistance to camper families, so be sure to look into this if needed!

3 - How early do I need to register?

This can obviously vary widely depending on the camp, but most camps start to fill up beginning in January and February. As the spring approaches, it may be difficult to get into the week or session you are hoping for. As you do this research, it is important to make sure that your camp has availability on the dates you are wanting to send your camper.  Nothing would be worse than going through this research, only to find out that there are no more spots available for your camper!

4 - What is the age range of the campers at the camp?

As you are doing your research, confirm that your camper falls within the age range that the camp serves. Many camps have multiple locations that serve different age groups, so pay attention to the age range at the specific location you are looking at. This will help you narrow down the pricing, availability, and activities available to your camper.

5 - What activities are available to my camper?

Whether it’s swimming, horseback riding, archery, hiking, arts and crafts, ropes courses or anything else, check out what activities are available to campers so you know what they’ll get to experience while at camp. Some camps are very sports focused, while others are more relational or outdoorsy. Discussing these with your camper will not only give you insight into what they want to experience, but will also get them excited about going to camp!

6 - What amenities are available to my camper?

Consider the housing and meal options that are offered as you narrow down your search. Does the camp have air conditioning? How do they handle food allergies? What types of meals are served throughout the session? All of these questions are important to look into as you search.

7 - What if there is an emergency?

While all camps hope and pray that there are never emergencies at camp or back home, emergencies do happen. Consider how the summer camps handle emergency situations and ask about their emergency preparedness. We certainly hope this isn’t ever necessary, but it is important to be prepared.


We hope that these questions will help spark ideas and thoughts as you navigate making your summer camp decisions. All of these are important to consider, but above all, making sure your camper is well taken care of is most important.