Take the best family vacation of your life at New Life Ranch Flint Valley Family Camp! All you have to do is pack up your things and get your family here and we’ll take over the rest. We do the cooking, we plan the activities, and we even pair your family up with one of our stellar counselors to hang out with your kids! We want Flint Valley Family Camp to be an incredible time of renewal and refreshment with each other, and, most importantly, Jesus!


2024 Pricing & Availability

July 28-31



Adults & Kids 13+



Kids Ages 6-12



Kids Ages 3-5



Kids Ages 0-2



5th Child and More



Motel Unit
Bedding & Linens Included


Additional $120 per family

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Mountain Biking



Scheduled Activities

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Target Sports

Test your marksmanship on our Riflery Range, try to hit the bulls eye at the Archery Range, and follow the clay pigeon on our Skeet Shooting Range. Please let us know in advance of your retreat if you would like to participate in any of the target sports so we can provide a trained staff member to supervise the activity.

Riflery Range ($100 per hour- Up to 12 participants per hour)
Archery Range ($80 per hour- up to 12 participants per hour)
Archery Tag ($100 per hour- up to 20 participants per hour)
Plinking ($80 per hour- up to 12 participants per hour)
Skeet Shooting Range ($150 per hour- up to 12 participants per hour)
Laser Tag ($150 per hour- up to 20 participants per hour)
Hatchets ($80 per hour- Up to 12 participants per hour)
Sling Shots ($80 per hour- Up to 12 participants per hour)

Ropes Course

Take a ride down our 400ft zipline, experience a crazy swing on the Screamer, test your nerves on the Pamper pole, or try one of our other 8 high elements over on the island known as Patmos. We also offer Team Building sessions for groups which uses the Low and High Ropes courses as well as prop initiatives. Please let us know at least three weeks in advance of your retreat if you would like to use Patmos or schedule Team Building.

A 40 ft. tall climbing wall with 4-line wall options. Options include one easy, two
medium and one hard degree of difficulty walls. 2-lines can accommodate 6
participants per hour or 4-lines can accommodate 12 participants per hour.
2-line $60 (per hour)
4-line $100 (per hour)

A 40 ft. tall and 400 ft. long zip line. 2-4 participants can ride together at a time on
their own line. Participants must be able to climb up a telephone pole to the top zip
tower to be able to zip. Can accommodate 12 participants per hour on 2-line zip or 24
participants per hour on 4-line zip.
2-line $80 (per hour)
4-line $120 (per hour)

A giant swing bringing participants up 25ft. One participant at a time is brought up by
a team of people pulling back on a rope. Can accommodate 10 participants per hour.
$80 (per hour)

PAMPER POL E (ages 10+)
A leap of faith opportunity! Participants get to climb up a 25ft pole. Once at the top
they jump off the pole to grab a bandana. You are attached by a harness and ropes,
with a belay team supporting you on the ground. Can accommodate 10 participants
per hour.
$70 (per hour)

HIGH- V (ages 10+)
A high ropes element where 2 participants climb simultaneously 2 separate poles.
The poles have a subsequent cable that is connected to a 3rd pole that they
traverse separately and ultimately joining together (think a triangle). Then they are
lowered by belay down to ground. Can accommodate 10 participants per hour.
$70 (per hour)

Climb vertically with a partner through various elements to the top of the Tower. How
high can you go? Can accommodate 10-20 participants per hour base on the group's use
of 2-line or 4-line.
2-line $70 (per hour)
4-line $100 (per hour)

JACOB'S LADDER (ages 12+)
Work together in teams of 2, 3, or 4, to reach the top of the Ladder! This is a
great team building initiative. Each climber simultaneously travels up the Ladder
with their team belaying them along the way. Participants work together to reach
their goals. Participants per hour rate is dependant on the group's pace and team
building initiative.
2-line $70 (per hour)
3-line $90 (per hour)
4-line $110 (per hour)

HUB & SPOKE (ages 12+)
Participants must be 58in tall and be able to fit into a ltarness.
Two levels of high ropes to traverse on, lower level being 20ft and higher level
being 30ft.
Teams have a set time to work together on this element to complete as much of
the course in a given period of time. 10-15 people per hour, 2 hours is best as this
is a time consuming activity. This can be used as a free-time activity, but it's best
use is as a team building exercise.
To accommodate 60-70 participants in 4 hours. Each participant will get 30
minutes of adventure time. For higher success in getting these participants
through, being punctual is ideal. Each group can either have a signup sheet
or reserve a 4 hour block for come and go adventure. For each group of 10
participants, adventures start on every half hour
Paid by the hour, for 10 participants per hour
$100 (per hour)



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