Scholarship Information

Our hope is that finances will never stand in the way of someone coming to camp. We want to help kids and families come to New Life Ranch that might not otherwise because of financial reasons. So, if the financial aspect of camp makes it difficult to imagine sending your child to camp, we want to partner with you and make that a possibility. There is not an income level requirement to apply.

    If your past balance is something that you have not paid off, we want to partner with you in order to get that resolved so you can move forward with new registrations. That previous balance needs to be paid or we need to have a recurring payment in place prior to requesting another scholarship application. You can then complete the new application. 

    Please let us know. As mentioned before, we never want finances to stand in the way of someone coming to camp. We want to partner with you in this process. If the award does not meet your needs, we can always review your information and attempt to provide more assistance if it is available.

    There are two ways to apply:

    The easiest way to apply. Go ahead and start your Summer Programs registration, and when you reach the Camper Profile form (or the “Additional Information” form for Family Camps, Horse Camps, and Winter Camps) there will be a question that asks, Would finances keep your camper from being able to attend camp? If so, would you like to apply for a need based scholarship?

    If you say “yes”, you will be asked four additional questions. Complete these, continue with your registration, and when you reach the payment screen, choose the payment option that says “I am applying for a need based scholarship.” Once you submit your registration, the first phase of your scholarship application will also be submitted. 

    By mail
    For those without internet access, you can request a paper scholarship application. You will then send us the completed application and two required letters: one from you explaining your financial circumstances and one from your camper explaining why they’d like to come to camp. You will also need to register for camp prior to our review of your scholarship application.

    Yes! If the financial aspect of camp makes it difficult to imagine sending your child to camp, we want to partner with you and help make it easier. There is not an income level requirement to apply.

    All scholarships are based on the least expensive week of camp. The amount you are able to invest in your campers experience does not always cover your registration fee beyond the scholarship awarded if you choose a more expensive week of camp.

    When you are completing the on-line or paper application, you will be asked, Please put the dollar amount (any amount except $0 is acceptable) you are able to invest in your camper’s experience (this does not include activity classes or canteen). To clarify, the scholarship award will not cover any camp “extras”- this includes things like paid activity classes (don’t worry- there are plenty of free activity classes available), canteen deposits, t-shirts, camp pictures and DVDs. The scholarship award can only be applied to the base fee for the session.

    Due to the high number of scholarship applicants, we are unable to provide full scholarships that cover 100% of the cost. We want to partner with you and our hope is to be able to make up the difference between what is feasible for you to pay and what camp costs. Any amount beyond $0 is acceptable for you to contribute. We truly want to know an honest estimation of what you can pay.

    No, Any camper can attend any week of camp, provided there is space available. However, the scholarship awards are typically based on the least expensive weeks of camp. You can still send your child to a more expensive week, but your portion responsible will be greater than if you went to the least expensive. 

    *This does not include extras, like canteen deposit and paid activity classes.

    We will need an explanation of your financial circumstances. This does not have to be lengthy, but rather a summary of your situation. We will also need to have a letter from your camper about why they would like to come to camp. (The camper letter is not required for Family Camps.) We do not need financial records, tax records or other paperwork along those lines.

    We typically begin awarding scholarships in February. Any requests made for scholarships made after February are generally answered within 21 buisness days. 

    Please note: if you submit your scholarship application less than 48 hours before the start of an event, we may not be able to give you an answer before the event starts. In the rare instances when this occurs, we still want your camper to attend the event even if you may not have an answer yet regarding your scholarship award. You will want to speak to the Administration Coordinator ( if this is your situation. They will assist you with details about check-in and payment since your scholarship application is still “in process”.

    Due to the volume of scholarship requests we receive, we limit assistance to two events per calendar year. If applying for a need based scholarship, the camper or family must have an account in good standing (meaning zero balance or payment plan in place) from previous events in order to receive a scholarship.  

    Mission 19:14 is our camper scholarship fund. Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14. We receive donations to this fund from numerous individuals, foundations and organizations.