Watch our 2022 Year In Review

Watch our 2022 Year In Review

Our Mission

Proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ
and equip believers for ministry. 

Our History

Since 1958, the singular mission of New Life Ranch has been to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and equip believers for ministry. The way that happens may have changed over the years, from activities that occur to the songs we sing, to the breadth of facilities that we now offer, but that central purpose is unchanged. Introducing and seeing young people come to a saving knowledge of Christ is at the center of all we do. Deepening that relationship through intentional teaching and discipleship so that they can impact their own circles is the underlying purpose with all groups that we serve.

Our Vision

By 2033, we will be a trusted family of camps fulfilling our mission while serving 150,000 camper days!

Our Core Values

We are a Biblically-based ministry 
focused on relationships and
service to others

We are a Biblically-based ministry. That means our guide in all of our decisions and standards for behavior will be the teachings of the Bible. This means that we value people from all walks of life regardless of race, culture or financial status. We value children highly as the next generation of Christ-like leaders. We believe that God has designed us to be relational and to function in community through love and grace as demonstrated by God’s love toward us. That community embraces the differences and unique talents of each individual as God’s design for us to function as a body to serve the world around us and ultimately bring glory to God.


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