Are We the Right Fit for Your Retreat?

Posted: January 3, 2022

Tags: retreats, ministry, faith

You are the leader of an organization and you want to find a place to take your group for a retreat. After a while of searching for a place that might be a good fit you stumble across a camp located in Northeast Oklahoma. “This place looks great,” you think, “but would it be a good fit for my organization?” That’s a great, and important, question to be asking!

At New Life Ranch, we love hosting retreat guests throughout the year. It’s something we are really passionate about and see it as an important part of our ministry. However, for a variety of reasons, not every group is a good fit for a retreat. So then, you are probably asking yourself, how do I know if my organization is a good fit? Well let’s help you out:

1: You are Christian ministry or organization.

This is the number 1 thing that we’ll want to know when you inquire about booking a retreat with us. The mission of New Life Ranch is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and equip believers for ministry.  As a retreats team, we partner with like-minded organizations by providing an environment that allows them to focus on their ministry by taking care of all the details and general needs through hosting and serving each group.

Like-minded organizations include those who desire to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Develop believers for ministry.  This includes Christian churches, ministries, schools as well as Christian businesses.  

Though many organizations and individuals have a great purpose, they may not align with our purpose of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  For example, we don’t host business meetings, non-christian based organizations, family reunions, or weddings.

2: You agree with our articles of faith.

Just as important as the purpose of your ministry or organization is that we are both in agreement about some important doctrinal and theological issues. Every group that comes is required to sign that they agree with our Articles of Faith. This is to make sure both you and us are on the same page about what we believe.

3: You are willing to pay a little bit more for exceptional quality and service. 

While we aren’t the most expensive option for a retreat, we also aren’t the cheapest. We price ourselves based on our ability to give you and your group a great, hassle free, experience. We want you to spend your time here focused on pouring into your groups, not worrying about the little details. Those things are for us to handle! As a result we may cost a little (or in some cases, a lot) more than other options, but we think you will definitely say it is worth it!

4: You want to spend time outside.

We are a fairly outdoors-focused camp, so if the idea of spending time in nature doesn’t sound fun, we probably aren’t the right fit for you. This isn’t to say that we don’t have indoor activities (we definitely have lots of fun activities to do!), but more than likely you will spend more time than not in the outdoors! 

Are you a good fit?

If you think we are a good fit for you (and vice versa), request a reservation on the retreats page, or call us at 918.422.5505!