Watch our 2022 Year In Review

Watch our 2022 Year In Review

Still Waters Run Deep

Posted: May 2, 2022

Tags: restore campaign

It’s hard to think about New Life Ranch - Flint Valley and not reflect on the creek and the activities and multitude of memories that have been created there.  It is, and has been the central hub of outdoor recreation at Flint Valley since the inception of New Life Ranch in 1958. As we started the year in 2021, we raised awareness that this valuable aspect of the Valley site was at risk due to a number of factors.  Growth in the area, construction upstream and repeated floods over time had taken toll on the dam and spillway areas that had been in place for over 40 years.  If I am honest, we worried a bit about our ability to achieve the near one million dollar goal that it was going to take to complete this project.  Due to the nature of the project, at least two of the foundations that normally support us on capital projects had bowed out early because the project did not meet their qualification guidelines. We were also aware that Covid was continuing to create a level of anxiety for everyone. Nonetheless, we felt, due to the mission critical nature of the project, we needed to present the need and trust God as we have done so many times. We were not disappointed.  By December, we were within $10,000 of having the project completely funded and by year end we had surpassed the goal of $990,000.00 for the Restore Campaign. We had started the project in earnest in September, knowing that we wanted to complete it in time for Summer Camp 2022.  I am excited to report that we will achieve that goal.  The main dam has already been completed and the spillway area is currently well underway.  Because of the level of engineering and thought put into the project, this area will function much better than ever before and have a level of resilience that it has never had.  The project has also yielded the side benefit of making the dam and adjoining spillway a much more accessible and usable area of the site for the future.

We are extremely grateful and humbled, as always by the outpouring of support we received from you on this project. Because of your support and faithfulness, the recreation area at Flint Creek will continue to be a viable recreation and ministry area for generations of campers still to come.  We believe the barriers that come down during activities lead to ministry opportunities. Those conversations will continue. Baptisms will continue. Swimming will continue. Canoeing and kayaking will continue. Fishing will continue. All of the activities that you have come to know and make New Life Ranch - Flint Valley a special place will remain and thrive. When you are out this summer please make it a point to take a walk to the dam and spillway and see the good work you have done.  We know without you and your support of this ministry, this would not have been possible. From all of our staff - Thank You!