Top 10 Questions about Summer Camp

Posted: March 7, 2022

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As a Registrar here at New Life Ranch we are the frontline for parents asking many questions concerning their child attending summer camp especially if they are a first timer or new to overnight camp.  Below are the Top 10 questions (in no particular order) we are asked when parents are looking to register their campers for camp:

What if my camper gets homesick while at camp?

Our summer staff counselors come to New Life Ranch prior to campers and attend a rigorous train that includes how to handle camper homesickness. Counselors counsel campers about their feelings and try to talk it out and deal with those feelings.  We have boy and girl camp managers that help the counselors and campers navigate through homesick feelings.  We let the camper call home and talk with the parents if homesickness reaches that level. 

How long is overnight camp?

Camp is for 1 week.  Parents drop off campers on Sunday afternoon and pick up the following Saturday morning.

How old does my child need to be to attend overnight camp?

NLR has two sites.  JR Camp New Life Ranch Frontier Cove is for campers going into the 2nd - 6th grade (Fall 2022).  SR Camp New Life Ranch Flint Valley is for campers going into the 7th - 12th grade (Fall 2022).

How many campers and counselors are in a cabin? 

The camper counselor ratio is 1 counselor for every 6 campers.  The number of campers per cabin ranges from 10 - 12.

Is your camp coed?

Yes, NLR has both boys and girls at camp.  Boys and girls house in separate cabins but they do activities together. 

Are the cabins air conditioned?

Yes, the cabins at NLR ranch are air conditioned and each cabin has bathroom facilities attached. 

What happens if my camper gets sick while attending camp or needs to bring prescription medication to camp? 

NLR staffs Doctors or Nurses for every week at camp and has a Medical Lodge at each site. If your campers have prescription medication to take while at camp the Doctor or Nurse will administer these medications as prescribed.  Parents will complete a Medical form during the registration process and turn the medication in during check on Sundays.  

What if my camper does not know anyone at camp?

Registrars take this very seriously.  We want everyone to have a great experience at camp.  We always match other campers that do not have cabin mate requests in cabins.  We do not want anyone to be the lone man out.  We also look for likeness such as: being from the same town or school.  During the registration process parents will be asked if their campers have a cabin mate request. If we are unable to honor those requests we always let the parents know well in advance.  We do not want any surprises for you upon arrival at camp. 

Can I send food or care packages with my camper? 

You are more than welcome to send pre packaged food items with your camper.  The NLR canteen store has many pre-made care packages that you can purchase and have delivered to your camper during the week.  You can go here to view our NLR Camp Store. 

Can my camper bring money to camp

We do not allow campers to have cash while they are at camp.  Parents can deposit money into camper canteen accounts during registration or any time before camp.