Learn about the Restore Campaign

Learn about the Restore Campaign

Guide to Camp

Everything you need to know about camp!

Camp is almost here!

We're not sure who is more excited about your week of day camp; us, or you! Either way, we are positive your camper is going to have an incredible experience at camp. They will make new friends, try new things, and most importantly, learn a whole lot about the love Jesus has for them!

Before you get here, take some time to go through each of these Camp Information sections. We know it's a lot, but doing so will make your camp experience that much smoother and better!

Do these things before camp!

  • Log in to your NLR account to make a final payment if needed (your current account statement is attached)
  • Ideally, the balance is paid two weeks prior to camp.  This summer, due to Covid considerations we will not be able to take money during check in. Please call into the office if you need to make financial arrangements and we will be happy to help.
  • If you requested a scholarship, the final thing we need is a letter from your camper telling us why they want to come to camp -scan and e-mail them to laura@newliferanch.com - if you have already done this you are good to go.
  • Complete your camper medical form if you have not already done so (not sure? you can find out by viewing your on-line account details).  If you complete it less than 24 hours prior to check-in, your check-in paperwork may not reflect that you completed it.
  • Does your camper have medications to drop off? Please make sure your medication list on your medical form is current.  Please call into the office if you need help with this.  All medications must be in their original container labeled with the campers name. Because Non-FDA approved medications, which include most vitamins, essential oils, and dietary supplements are not regulated, they will only be accepted and administered to your camper if the parent provides a written order that is signed by a licensed provider (MD, DO, NP or PA). This order must identify the camper, dose, route, time of administration, and medication. This is to ensure the safety of your camper and to comply with the Nurse Practice Act. This includes homeopathic items such as Melatonin, gummy vitamins, supplements, etc. 
  • If someone besides the parent is picking up you child from camp they MUST be on your authorized pick list in your camper account.  Please call into the office and add people before you get to camp.
  • Every camper is being asked to provide a negative Covid test before coming to camp on the first day. These can either be a PCR test given through the doctor or a non-invasive, self-administered rapid test (Like the kind they sell at Wal-mart, 2 for $20)  Please bring a copy of the test results when you arrive on Monday, whether you are arriving at the shuttle or at camp. It can simply be a copy of the test results on your phone that we can look at quickly.
  • If you have purchased a "special meal plan" for your camper the counselor will take them to meet the food service team and show them who to ask for their meal during dinning hall times.  If you have any questions please email allergy@newliferanch.com.
  • Watch the Code of Conduct Video with your camper before you come to camp
  • Check your camper for head lice or signs of head lice as a preventative measure


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