2020 Sessions 

All Timothy Team Check-In at Frontier Cove and depart from Flint Valley

Session 1

May 31 - June 20


$360 per week ($1080 total)

Session 2

June 7 - June 27


$360 per week ($1080 total)

Session 3

June 14 - July 4


$360 per week ($1080 total)

Session 4

June 21 - July 11


$360 per week ($1080 total)

Session 5

June 28 - July 18


$360 per week ($1080 total)

Program Elements

Team-building & Leading Others

The focus of Timothy Team is to equip participants with practical leadership skills while building on the Nehemiah foundation of servant leadership. This 3 week session starts with training and team building, then a week-long backpacking trip to the Buffalo. Finally, they put together everything they have learned so far in the Leadership Development program to lead a group of elementary ages kids during Day Camp.


Let's get started.

Timothy Team applicants can apply through our on-line registration system. We also require completion of the Nehemiah Team, two references and completion of essay questions before acceptance into this program.

Direct your references to complete the reference forms on your behalf to complete your application. The essay questions will be completed during registration.


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Here are some things to know now that you are registered for camp! 

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