Here are some things about family camp that you might want to know:

    Each family has been assigned one of our summer staff to help throughout Family Camp. They won’t stay in the cabin with your family, but they are available throughout the day to assist your family in any way that may be needed. They are looking forward to getting to know your family and building relationships with you and your children!

    A nursery will be set up for the 0-2 year olds in the Front Room of the Conference Center. Our summer staff will play with the kids and will have access to toys, books, music, and movies that have been selected by our New Life Ranch staff. We will have mats set up for naps, and snacks will be provided by NLR. Please be sure to pick up your children before the scheduled nursery closing times. There will be a check in/out form for you to use each time.

    We have assigned families to a specific cabin. We understand that each family has different routines and times to go to bed, so we ask each family in and around the cabins to observe common quiet hours from 10pm-7am.

    In each cabin and most of our public buildings there are phones that are connected to an internal telephone system. One of our staff will always have a phone with them. If there is an emergency or something in your cabin is not working properly, please dial extension 2500 to let us know. We have limited to no cell phone reception here. If you need to make a personal phone call, please stop by the phone booth in the Office.

    There will be a basic First Aid kit available for use in the Office. Because we have Leadership Development campers here this week, we do have a medical provider in case of emergency.  If you have any first aid needs or a medical emergency, please call extension 2501.

    We will have lifeguards and staff at each of these areas during free time. Each activity has posted “Get To’s” and we ask that you read and communicate these to your children prior to swimming at either location. *Please note that from 1:00-1:30pm, the Pool will be open for “Toddlers Only” swim.

    We have canoes & kayaks available for families to use at any time that it is daylight. There are posted “Get To’s” for these activities,  and we recommend for parents to supervise or have their children let them know when they go out and return from boating activities. All participants must wear a lifejacket when participating in boating activities.

    The bridge and Patmos Ropes Island are open at all times for you to go to. However, the challenge course elements on Patmos may only be used under the supervision of trained NLR Patmos staff.

    Our gymnasium, sports court, Activity Hut, game room, jump pillow, and ballfield are all recreation areas designed for you to use at any time during your stay here. Please help us keep these areas clean by putting away any equipment used.


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